Worst Restaurant Dishes

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Calorie bombs on a plate


Aussie Cheese Fries from Outback Steakhouse

Calories: 1,202
These fries from down under are topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, chopped bacon, and complemented with a spicy ranch dressing…um, clogged arteries, much?

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French Toast from The Cheesecake Factory

Calories: 2,494
A breakfast favorite, but you might want to re-think this thick brioche grilled golden brown and topped with butter and maple syrup. You'll get a quick sugar high followed by a major crash and two notches added on that belt!

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Loaded Potato Skins from T. G. I. Friday’s

Calories: 2,030
Their signature potato skins are filled with melted cheddar cheese, topped with bacon, sour cream, and green onions…talk about an overload!

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Triple S Riblet & Classy Creamy Mac ‘n' Cheese from Red Robin

Calories: 1,904
Classy combo?! We think not. Triple S Riblets, creamy mac ‘n' cheese, coleslaw, and Texas toast? Be prepared to spend a good hour (or four!) running all that off!

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Shrimp with Candied Walnuts from P.F. Chang's China Bistro

Calories: 1,380
Shrimp is definitely a healthier choice when adding something new to your diet, but not when it's tossed in a creamy sauce with honeydew melon and candied walnuts. That's definitely not worth the 1,380 cals!

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Dos XX Fish Tacos from On The Border Mexican Grill

Calories: 1,950
Three fresh flour or soft white corn tortillas with Dos XX beer-battered, Golden Fried Fish, creamy red chile sauce, shredded cabbage, cheese and pico de gallo. It would be healthier if you ate a sombrero.

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Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger from Chili's

Calories: 2,290
Served with maple bacon, smoked cheddar, mayo, crispy onion strings and ancho-chile barbecue sauce. We think we gained a pound just writing about it.

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Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad from IHOP

Calories: 1,050
Think a salad is a safe choice? Think again! This caesar salad (though topped with grilled chicken) is packed with parmesan, and drenched in dressing, bringing it to a whopping 1,050 cals. Yikes!

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Posted on August 20, 2012

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