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Watch ‘Em and Weep

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The cute guy told you he just wants to be friends, your creepy boss yelled at you, and your cat ran away – what's a girl to do? First of all, find your cat – that's the only real important thing here. And secondly, have a good cry.

Crying relieves anxiety, reduces stress, and some reports say it removes toxins from your bod (Paula must be very healthy). And while you’re welcome to go public with your tears a la Britney, T.O., and The Project Runway cast we’re partial to the movie theatre cry. It’s dark enough to hide your eyeliner-tinged tears and you’ll feel better in just 2 hours.  

So in honor of all those wonderful snivels and sobs, here are our 5 favorite crying films:

Love Actually: Each story hits you in a different way. There’s the realization of a broken marriage…a family left without a mom…the love of an unattainable girl… and a ridiculously romantic unspoken love story. But what really brings the blubber is the little boy running through the airport to profess his true love.

Up: If you can make it through the tragically romantic first 20 minutes of this animated movie, you’re in store for a funny, sweet, uplifting adventure.

Dead Poets Society: O Captain, My Captain, we dare you to watch this movie without choking up. Teenage angst permeates an aristocratic boys’ prep school that is forever changed by Robin Williams’ moving poetry teachings.

The Notebook: This timeless love story between a common country boy and an upper class heiress is emotional, heartbreaking, and ultimately very satisfying. Although their forbidden love faces countless challenges, this time the boy gets the girl and we get a box of Kleenex.

Beaches: You can’t help but want to call your BFF after watching this sad and sweet tale of true best friends who face love, life and loss together.

Xx, The FabFitFun Team (who are now sobbing uncontrollably)

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