Skinny Super Bowl Snacks

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Nosh to nibble on for the big game


Potato skins

These skins are the only kind of skin we’re interested in on game day…that is until we realized that a typical serving packs a whopping 600-1,100 calories and 40-80 grams of fat! Enter: cutie pie chef Rocco Dispirito who lets you have your skins and eat them too with a fraction of the mind blowing numbers above.

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Fudge that won’t make you pudge? Sign us up! We are ub-sessed with everything Emmy’s Organics but their chocolate fudge is really almost too good to be true. At 50 calories a piece and only 1 gram of sugar (from agave, no less), we simply don’t understand HOW this piece of heaven tastes this good, but alas it does. Be prepared for these to be a popular pick at the party! Check out their trail mix and chocolate sauce for other yummy and healthy party options!

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These gluten-free, non-GMO chips are made of black beans, pinto beans, and rice and pack three times the protein and six times the fiber of potato chips. (Meaning 6g protein, 6g fiber and 175 cals per serving!) Not to mention, they are awesomely addicting. The Original Black Bean is a perfect side for guac and salsa and the chipotle barbecue will give the guys the spice they love while maintaining their secretly healthy profile. Score: 1- you, 0-fat pants!

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Mojito Makeover and Skinny Wasaberita

Game day is not complete without a cocktail but there is nothing cute about a beer belly paired with a bandage mini dress or a bikini. Nothing cute about that at all. So we suggest one of these secretly “skinny” cocktails that fools everyone with their fab flavor.

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Posted on February 1, 2012

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