V-Day Gifts for Guys

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Affordable ways to romance your man this Feb. 14


Lady Fortunes Picture Oreos $45

What guy doesn’t love cookies? And with these edible image Oreos from Lady Fortunes, you can appeal to both your man’s sweet tooth and his soft side (with, say, that adorable pic of the two of you on vay-k last summer). The best part? If you use the code FFF20, you can take 20% off your purchase!

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Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones $279.99

Let your man pretend like he's part of an A-list entourage when he rocks these swag worthy headphones. These top of the line headphones will drown out any excess sound that may interfere with his music — just make sure that sound isn't you!

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Perpetual Kid Darth Vader Ice Cube Tray $12.99

What guy doesn't wish he had his own light saber to help him defeat evil and conquer the world? While you probably aren't going to be able to conjure up one of those bad boys, you can spoil his inner nerd with this novelty ice cube tray that doubles as a candy mold. May the force be with you and your man this Valentine's Day!

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Philips Hue Starter Pack $199.95

The Hue from Phillips is seriously too cool. Being able to wirelessly create and control your own personal lighting scheme from your iPhone and iPad? Awesome. Fashioning the settings based on your favorite sounds and photographs? Even more awesome. Your man will love this super cool gift, perfect for setting some Valentine's Day mood lighting, wink wink.

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A Me Undies Membership $16

What’s hotter than your boyfriend in a brand-new pair of skivvies? (Well maybe JT in the same outfit — but we won’t tell him!) Get your dude a spankin’ new pair of briefs delivered to his door monthly with a Me Undies membership! Plus, Me Undies is offering FFF readers 30% off — with the code FFF! They’re comfy, it’s funny, and he’ll look totally yummy in his undies!

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Vital Hand Printed Pint Glasses $42

If your man drinks his beer out of a can and his wine out of a Big Gulp cup, it might be time to upgrade his glassware. Whether your man likes to sip ales, porters, or just a good ol' PBR, he can drink in style from these unique glasses.

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The Art of Shaving’s The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave $60

Get your man to look less like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover and more like Bradley Cooper with this luxe shave kit. His mug will be pampered and polished and completely kissable!

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Braven 625s Bluetooth Speaker and Smartphone Charger $179.99

Let your fella jam out to his fave tunes and still keep his phone alive and kickin' with this Bluetooth-powered charger. This speaker/charger combo also makes it easy to fill your house with tunes and still keep your phone on hand since no plug is required. Rock on!

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Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers $96.60

Does your dude start every sentence with “dude”? Then these super cool and handy sunglasses are for him. Foldable and convenient, they fit in his pocket (and don’t look too shabby on you either!).

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Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Cologne $83.82

Are you a little tired of your boyfriend’s Axe spray arsenal? This modern man scent might be the perfect compromise. It’s spicy enough for him, and sexy enough for you.

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iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller $29.99

Fellas love their video games. Help your man fight zombies, drive a hot car, or just channel some good ol' fashioned Mario Brothers with this Bluetooth controller. He can play his mobile games with it too! Warning: this gift may leave him completely distracted.

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ESPN the Magazine One-Year Subscription $29.95

Get your man the ultimate guide to sports and we promise he'll be thanking you all year. This one-year subscription to ESPN Mag also comes with ESPN Online Insider Access, a free download of ESPN the Magazine App for iPad, and a $10 gift card to Amazon.com. Boom.

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Threadless Space Bar Ipad Case $24.95

If your man has his iPad in tow everywhere he goes, this fun-meets-utility iPad case is your V-Day solution. He won’t hit the return button on this one.

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Sonos Play:3 Wireless Speakers $299.99

Give him the gift of sound with these killer Sonos wireless speakers. He can stream his entire music library, music services, and radio stations all from the comfort of the couch. Just make sure he lets you choose the playlist!

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Nike+ FUELBAND $189.90-$300

Forget about chocolate and whip your man into shape with the Nike Fuelband! It not only tracks calories burned, steps taken, and other everyday activities, it also doubles as a watch! Perfect for that guy on the go.

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Casio Classic Calculator Watch $14.99

Give your guy a grade-school flashback with this timeless timepiece. With this watch he can channel his inner nerd and add a stylishly vintage piece to his collection! He doesn't even have to know it’s a fashionable throwback.

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Movember Mustache Cufflinks

Sure it may be February, but these Movember Mustache Cufflinks are sure to be a hit any time of year. No girl wants to see her man with a bushy mouth brow above his upper lip; now he just can wear one on his cuffs instead!

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Tequila Buffet $100

Show him how much you care with the Tequila Buffet! Crafted from real chestnut, it's the perfect at-home drinking accessory for any dude. We bet he'll love it almost as much as he loves you.

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Threadless Amourosaurus Tee $14.99

Don’t know how to say “I love you”? Let this shirt do it for you with an über-cute dinosaur. Your dude will be squeezing you tightly in no time.

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Ted $14.99

A movie with a foul-mouthed talking teddy bear and Mila Kunis? What more could a guy want? Despite its rough exterior, at its core Ted is actually a heartwarming love story that's perfect for Valentine's Day. And if the potty jokes and crude humor aren't for you, watch it for the sole purpose of ogling Mark Wahlberg.

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Coors Light Bottle Opener Baseball Cap $19.99

Why? Because a real man doesn't have time to look for a bottle opener to drink his beer. And you're over him turning your kitchen upside down to find one. Give him a two-in-one gift that works for two!

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Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens $65.95

This camera lens takes amazingly creative photos (think fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens). Your guy can document all the super exciting dates he'll be planning for you…or at least the ones you can talk him into.

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Greg Guillemin Secret Lives of Superheroes Prints $20

These hilarious mini prints by Greg Guillemin are the perfect gift for your artsy man. Buy one on its own or have a few framed side by side; regardless, Superman picking his nose is sure to put a smile on his face.

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L8 SmartLight $85

Technology, you so crazy these days! A must for any techy dude, this nifty little LED-filled square can silently alert him to a new email, Facebook, or Twitter message, game results, outside weather…just about anything that happens on the internet. And best of all, he can program it all from his smartphone. Voilà!

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Posted on February 5, 2013

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