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A Clothes Shave

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If we could have a closet genie, we’d wish for him to hang up all the clothes on the floor, organize the shelves, and help us stop uttering the phrase “I have nothing to wear!” Oh, and he should look a lot like David Beckham (preferably shirtless).

Springtime = spring cleaning! And like almost everything in Russell Brand’s tattered wardrobe, there are certain threads that have lived their last days.

It’s time to purge, or as Rachel Wirkus, co-founder of the NY-based closet organization company RRW+Co., would say, “detox.” The former celeb stylist and current closet cleanser has worked with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Bosworth, and now you.

“Looking at a well-organized closet makes me happy!” Wirkus said. “If it is welcoming, then dressing will be fun and easy! You won’t look at your closet in despair or frustration every time you get ready for work or go to a special event.”

Check out some of Wirkus’ suggestions for cleaning up that closet:

Say Goodbye to Winter: Take out all winter clothing (including those reindeer holiday knits, please) and either store or relegate them to the back of your closet.

Do Denim Duty: Folding your denim so it fits in a dresser drawer or on a shelf is one easy way to free up space. To stay über-neat, organize by color and style.

Bid Adieu Altogether: Donate or sell old pieces — especially if you have doubles or haven’t worn something in five years. Don’t know where to go? Wirkus’ company will help you with the process. Oh, and check your pockets first. We just heard about a guy who donated a pair of his pants that had 80 bucks in it (couldn’t have been our ex — he never had 80 bucks).

Buy Uniform Hangers: Using the same hanger for all your duds is a quick fix to give your closet a more open feel. RRW+Co. loves using Huggable Hangers.

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