LA Spas: Splurge vs. Save

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Spa treatments from your head to your toes!


Facial: Save

We adore the Bare facial for $100 at Naturally Bare By Deidre. Trust us, there is nothing bare bones about it. Celebrity esthetician Deidre spends quality time talking with you, assessing your skin and then treating it with the perfect mix of lotions and potions and painless extractions, making every facial custom to your skin’s needs. Your mug will be clear and glowing from the inside out!

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Facial: Splurge

Bliss Spa always has so many beauty tricks up their sleeves and with the Steep Clean Facial, $290 for 90 minutes, or The Fully Loaded Facial, $210 for 90 minutes, your skin will be privy to many of them. It’s hard to wrap your head (or in this case, face) around the steeping and steaming, blasting and blemish-fighting that they do, but boy do they do it and they do it oh so well. If they can come up with this many ways to make your skin look this radiant (and they can) in just 90 minutes, we are pretty sure they can also help solve world peace.

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Massage: Save

Do yourself a favor, friends, and book yourself an appointment with Kristin at Massage Envy in Sherman Oaks. Your first massage is $49 (yes, you and your Warby Parker glasses read that right, $49!) but with Kristin (or any of their amazeballs staff members) you will think you’ve gotten yourself Mariah Carey’s personal massage therapist. For reals. You will love it so much you will want to come back for more and guess what? For $59 a month you can! Now this is a club we can get on board with!

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Massage: Splurge

The Spa at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village is Amazefest USA. Calling it Amazefest USA doesn’t even do it justice. And the best part is? Book yourself a spa treatment and you get access to their pool and amenities all the live-long day. So get the girls (or a great book) and make a day of it! And while their massages range between $150-$330, they are offering an über-fab promotion that moves them from Splurge to Save. Right now the all-new “Wow-Me-Wednesday Package” includes a 50-minute massage or facial treatment of your choice, plus up to four hours of complimentary child care, if you need it, at the Spa, for $99!

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Brows: Save

Benefit Brow Bar on Third Street makes your eyebrows (and therefore, your face) look so good that you will be Instagramming a pic of yourself before you even leave the place. You will be jumping for joy that not only do you look oh-so-cute on the interweb, but you only spent $20 for it!

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Brows: Splurge

We all know that brows help or hurt your mug depending on how kept (or unkempt or overkept) they are. Which is why Anastasia has perfected the ideal arch loved by celebs and civilians alike. Head to one of their two locations (Beverly Hills and Brentwood) knowing that your $45-$55 will leave you with the perfect brows that even one Ms. Oprah Winfrey, who is a client herself, would give you two thumbs up (but just that — no car, sadly).

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Posted on January 25, 2012

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