Haute Headbands

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Accessorize your hair with flair


Triumphant Headband

Play up your style this summer with these embroidered laurel leaves and feel like a Greek goddess!

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Gardenhead Princess Halo Headwrap

Rock some serious flower power with this gorgeous headband!

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Twinkled Scallops Headband

This simple yet elegant hair accessory adds sparkle to any look!

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Jovan Jane JJCH-3

With The Great Gatsby release just around the corner, channel your inner Daisy Buchanan with this ‘20s-inspired headpiece. (Leo sold separately…)

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Lana Rose Crown

Perfect for a summer picnic with Prince Charming and unicorns, or maybe just your gal pals. Either way, this pretty piece will instantly transport you to your very own fairy tale!

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Free People Tie Dye Wide Band

Scrunch it tight for a slimmer look or cover more when you wear it wide! The soft, flexible headband is beachy, cool, and to dye for!

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Cara Accessories
Braided Chain Wrap

Look hot in this neon and gold hair accessory. Wear it on your forehead or pull it back farther to mix up your look.

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Polka Dot Headband with Bow

Fashion mavens who adore vintage style will love this accessory. A perfect complement to a pair of cat eyeglasses!

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Lululemon Slipless Headband

Keep your hair in place during your workout with this no slip grip headband! It comes in all kinds of fun colors and designs so you can look super cute while you sweat it out!

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Posted on July 10, 2012

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