Fun Ways to Wiggle off Winter Weight

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Enjoyable exercise, no matter what you’re into


Barefoot Running

Dare to be bare! Barefoot running, hiking, and walking is (still) the craze, and barely-there footwear such as Vibram's FiveFingers are there to help strengthen your arches for faster, stronger running. Barefoot running clubs are also popping up all over the country!

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Ballet and Barre Workouts

Celebs like Madonna swear by barre workouts. Designed to add strength and tone, the barre is a classic must-have in ballet classes, and ideal for sculpting long, lean bodies. Add this one hour class to your weekly regimen, and you're sure to see muscles tighten right up!

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Celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes, and even Anderson Cooper can simply not get enough of SoulCycle, and if you haven't tried this spin-class-on-speed party, it's time you've joined the bandwagon. With dimmed lights, pumping beats, and both an upper and lower body workout (don't ask us how; it's pure magic), this really is the most (sober) fun you can have on a Saturday. And you can torch up to 800 calories in a single class!

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Tabata-Style Interval Training

Long gone are the days of hour long cardio sessions. Intervals are in! They amp up fat burn, and it's harder to get bored during varied, short bursts of hard work. Plus, you're in and out of the gym in a snap! Tabata is a revved up version of interval training. You work at a maximum capacity for 20 seconds, and then 10 seconds…do this for 6 minutes, three times, and you're done!

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Heavy lifting, burpees, and pullups aren't just for guys anymore. Just like in 2012, Crossfit is going to be huge in 2013, especially for women! Thin is for the birds; strong, sculpted muscles is where it's at!

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Corporate Wellness

The healthy eating and exercise kick is hitting the nation, and not just outside of the workplace. Corporate wellness is bringing personal trainers, healthier eats, and exercise practices into the office, and lots of HR departments will gladly heed requests for healthy initiatives! Where there's a will, there's a way!

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Hittin' the Outdoors

Gone are the days of expensive gym memberships, pricey private trainer sessions, and $25 Pilates classes. Due to the economy, people are taking advantage of the great outdoors for their fitness more than ever. So lace up those hiking boots, strap on those skis, or just grab those forgotten pair of sneakers, and get some fresh air! You'll body will thank you for it.

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Posted on January 8, 2013

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