Fall Foodie Favorites

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Cozy up with these healthy fall recipes


Grown-Up Apple Cider

Get your fall glow on and cuddle by the fire with this yummy adult apple cider. It's a zesty, spicy, rum-y accompaniment to a blustery afternoon!

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Apple-Parsnip Soup

Need a new way to enjoy your fruits and veggies? Try puréeing them into a delicious, savory soup! If you want to make this soup a more party-friendly dish, you can hollow out some small pumpkins, roast them until they begin to brown, and then use them as adorable edible bowls!

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Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pilau

Make the most of fall’s most prominent ingredient — pumpkin — by turning it into a warm, healthy dish you’d be happy to eat any day of the year! Try serving with green beans and a balsamic-marinated chicken for a complete, satisfying meal.

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Roasted Butternut Squash

Simple, swift, and satisfying, this easy recipe can be used to create the perfect weekday side dish or the most versatile starting point for a slew of fall dishes. Try tossing the prepared squash into pasta or risotto for a filling meal, or use as a topper to your favorite lettuce for a nutrient-rich salad!

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Spiced Pumpkin, Lentil, and Goat Cheese Salad

Packed with both protein and veggie goodness, this salad can serve as a quick and yummy fall dinner for yourself or the family. For dressing, try a maple-balsamic reduction for a more savory flavor or whole berry cranberry sauce for a light, autumn-inspired sweetness.

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Turkey and White-Bean Chili

Nothing says fall like chili on the stove and football on the television. Satisfy your fall comfort food craving and feel good about it too with this quick and healthy chili sure to score big points with the whole crowd.

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Oven-Baked Carrot and Sweet Potato Fries

Before you trade your healthy habits for comfort food this fall, check out these delish sweet potato and carrot fries! They'll have you waving goodbye to Mickey D's forever and satisfy your salt craving.

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Pumpkin Risotto

Once fall rolls around we see pumpkin added to pretty much everything. Pumpkin seed guacamole?! No one needs that. But a pumpkin risotto just makes sense! This delicious dish is perfect for a crisp fall evening.

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Chocolate Pear Pouches

Looking for a sweet fall treat without the hassle (or cals!) of cakes and pies? Try this elegant and flavorful use of poached pears. With chocolate and wine included in a two-serving recipe, this dessert is the perfect end to a romantic tête-à-tête!

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Balsamic Chicken with Grapes and Almonds

Touch up some ordinary chicken breasts with the color of royalty with this easy weeknight dish that showcases the red-purple grape. Serve topped with pine nuts, couscous, and spinach for a complete meal!

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Leek and Swiss Chard Tart

A comforting, healthy, filling dish that tastes just as good on the third day as it did on the first? We'll take it! The eggs and crust provide the comfort while the leeks and Swiss chard provide a healthy touch. With just a touch of milk and butter, this tart may not even last until its third day!

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Baked Potato Soup

’Tis the season! Soup season, that is! When the temperatures dip we love making all kinds of soups, stews, chilis, and chowders. A big bowl of baked potato soup will warm up the chilliest night!

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Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Goat Cheese and Roasted Tomatoes

With meaty mushrooms, creamy cheese, and tasty tomatoes, this warm veggie delight will please even the most voracious of carnivores! Serve as a melty appetizer or round out a meal by pairing it with a small salad or brown rice.

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Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts Salad

As a dinner, as a side, or as a snack, this delicious fall-packed recipe will make you rue the day you rejected brussels sprouts as a kid. Instead of flinging them across the table, you'll be flinging them (rather, shoveling them!) into your mouth when they're covered in this spicy-salty vinaigrette!

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Posted on October 23, 2012

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