Toasty Tunes

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Earmuff headphones to keep you warm…and jammin’


Lobers Solid Seed Stitch Earmuff

$25 This affordable, fun, and fuzzy pair adds a cute pop of color to your winter look.

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Fleece Earwarmers

$34.95 These will keep you up with the sporty chic ladies (or those with impossibly perfect hair who cannot afford any flaws).

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Crocheted Headband

$22-$28 We adore this handmade, knit option that is as adorable as it is functional!

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Juicy Couture Black Faux Fur

$69.99 Even the most sophisticated designers have jumped on this craze knowing the music and warmth combo is a splendid one.

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Ugg Australia Earmuff Headphones

$85 This basic, uber warm pair will look so perfect on campus walking to class that you may want to wear them in spring!

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Posted on January 30, 2012

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