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Dr. Jay Warren

Dr. Jay Warren is committed to inspiring, educating and empowering his community to so that they have a greater ability to ease elegantly through the challenges of life. He has dedicated his career to helping people heal and to teaching them how to design healthy lifestyles for themselves so they don’t recreate the same problems over and over again.

Dr. Jay began his clinical practice in Costa Rica, where he helped run busy, bilingual chiropractic clinic San Jose. Then he moved back home to Southern California where he has run his own family oriented, wellness based practice in San Diego for the last 10 years (and where he can surf, bike and play beach volleyball again too).

Through the Warren Family Wellness Center, Dr. Jay teaches his “Being Well Lifestyle” approach to health and healing. It’s a comprehensive program that creates long-term health habits in all 5 areas of health, helping you to Think Well, Move Well, Eat Well, Rest Well so you can BE Well. This individualized health development program slows, stops and reverses the aging process and allows you to enjoy the healthy, energetic, happy life you are designed to live.

Dr. Jay has created the audio home study course, “The Being Well Lifestyle Program”, his own line of guided visualization CD’s called “Healing from Within” and the book “The WHY Factor-All of the Answers You Seek to Your Health Problems Lie in the Questions You Ask” which will be released in Summer 2011. He also teaches wellness workshops and speaks at health seminars throughout Southern California. Dr. Jay can be reached at DrJay@BeingWellLifestyles.com.