Crafting with Cabernet

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Drink the wine, save the bottle


Ombré Cork Heart Wall Art

If you love wine, show your passion for the vino with this arty piece made out of used corks! Use a variety of corks from your bottles of white, red, and rosé wines for an uh-dorable ombré look!

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Wine Bottle Candle Holder

Create a unique candle holder for a wedding — or just to line your walkway! Your guests will love the originality and it'll put a new twist on an old look!

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Vintage Photos in a Bottle

Love colored bottles but not sure what to do with them? Get a few pictures printed with a vintage filter and throw 'em in! It'll make for a perfect mantel decor!

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Cute Cork Coasters

Got some glue and a whole mess of corks? Create your own coasters and you'll never have water rings again!

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Wine Bottle Lamp

Light up your kitchen with this fabulous rustic looking lamp. And it’s perfect for all different kinds of bottles – wine, beer, booze and more!

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Cork Card Holders

Cork card holders? How classy! We love the idea of using our old wine corks to mark our new wine bottles! Yep, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Wine Cork Bath Mat

Why not step out of your shower onto a crafty wine cork bath mat? It looks super cool, feels good on your feet and is simple to make!

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Foam Cork Stamps

Make the craft that keeps on crafting with these cute cutout stamps. Adorbs!

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Wine Cork Pens

Keep it simple with your leftover wine corks and write up something different — in just five minutes! Turn your boring ball point pen into a cute and unique writing utensil.

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Posted on December 21, 2012

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