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Get deadly pretty with these Dia de los Muertos-inspired looks


Michelle Phan’s Spooky Skull

Michelle Phan, known for her makeup tutorials on Youtube, designs a doll-like face totally reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Add a few feminine symbols, like Michelle’s upside down heart, to make your look girlier and flirtier!

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Lost Love

Here’s our favorite look from her many Youtube tutorials on makeup for this holiday! The jagged line drawn down the middle looks super glam. Remember to accessorize! Her big flowers and vintage hat complete the look. She also sells her sugar skull jewelry on Etsy, if you want to go all out!

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Sugar Skull Makeup

Pull your getup together with a bold red! We’re in love with everything about this look — from the feminine swirls on the cheeks to the daring wig matching with the petals around her eyes.

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Turquoise-Eyed Skull

The color palette here is to die for (cue the groans). She gives a quick crash tutorial on how to put on this turquoise-themed look. We’re definitely investing in some cute gemstones to brighten our looks up too!

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One-Sided Skull

Here’s a look for just one side of the face! It’s a great way to ease into this. Sweet and classic, this look is simple and easy to do. You can always add your own creative touches too!

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Webbing Out

This looks more masterpiece than makeup! Shade and blend in your makeup to give it extra dimension. The smoky eyes are really what put her look on our top picks! Try experimenting with the eye shadow palette you’ve barely touched all these years. Now’s your chance to be daring!

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Following in the same patterns of cobwebs and gemstones, this tutorial for the sugar skull look is classic and intricate. With half the face detailed so carefully, she makes up the other half simply and naturally! The contrast is just fab.

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Flower Skull

Introducing a slightly darker edge look, this user takes a different approach with the base. Instead of applying a full white base first, she blends in whites throughout the process to avoid looking “intensely white.”

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Colorful Skull

Her color choices are beautiful with the eyes done up in aqua, green, and purple. The shimmery eyeshadows are really the focus of her look here and we love the way she’s done it!

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Scary Skull

She meant it as two separate looks, but we’re loving the way it comes together! Inspired. Change up the classic and celebrate the night with totally unique look.

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Posted on October 29, 2012

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