Totally ’90s

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One of the greatest fashion decades is making a fierce comeback


Crop Tops

The perfect combination of sexy and comfortable, crop tops can be worn with a pair of shorts for a casual spring look or paired with a skirt for a night out with the girls.

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High-Waisted Shorts

Complementing the crop top perfectly and making your butt look fantastic, high-waisted shorts also cover the impossible lower part of your abdomen, making you look thinner and taller. Can you say greatest shorts ever?

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Grunge Clothes

That’s right, even grunge is back. This cut-out shirt shows off your sexy back and gives you that bad girl look without actually being bad. Well…we mean you still can be bad.

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These will make you feel like you’re back in kindergarten, but they are so adorable you can’t pass them up. They are comfy and look cute paired with your high-waisted shorts and crop top. These shoes are just too cool for school!

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Looks like a dress, wears like shorts. It’s the perfect outdoor attire for a picnic or a walk in the park. No worrying about your skirt blowing up from the spring winds or crossing your legs when you’re sitting in the grass.

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Too much of a good thing sometimes can be a great thing. Denim on denim is an adorable spring look. Just make sure to wear two different shades of blue!

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This is Pretty Woman meets the 21st century, minus the whole being a hooker thing! This skirt is a perfect way to sex up any top!

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Posted on April 10, 2012

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