13 Workouts for 2013

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Get fit. Get fab. Have fun doing it.


Roller Derby

If you ever wanted to look tough wearing shorty shorts and knee high socks, this is your chance. Roller Derby is for the gal who wants to get some serious gams while showing off her competitive side. No whiners allowed. Not sure where to go to get your bout on? Start by checking out the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association to find leagues in your area. Most leagues offer newbie teams or train you to skate like one of their own.

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Aerial Yoga

Your tree pose brings all the boys to the yard. But it’s time for a new challenge — aerial yoga. The latest in aligning your chakras means suspending your pretty little bod in a silk hammock. Locales like AntiGravity Yoga merge traditional postures and disciplines with fitness for an experience that is, well, uplifting. You’ll defy physics and define your flabby parts with this workout that was originally created for gymnasts.

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Online Barre Classes

You’re a wife, a mommy, a work-from-home kind of woman and some days you just can’t get out of the house. The solution? Online barre classes. What? Barre3 online workouts. Score the props and sign up for a $15/month subscription. You’ll enjoy videos that you can access at any time and do virtually anywhere. Got 10 minutes to kill? Log in and make some fitness happen. If you have time to tweet, there’s time to plié.

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Ever feel like you could jump through the roof (thanks coffee)? OK. Then you’ll love JumpSport. It’s the fitness regimen that’s all about jumping. All you need is a JumpSport trampoline and some energy to make it happen. It’s designed to build your core and give you a total-body workout, not to mention a high-intensity cardio sesh. You can do it at home with the DVDs or find a class in your area. Consider this the place where fun and fitness unite.

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You’re a hybrid kinda girl. So you’ll have no problem with Piloxing. Yup, you guessed it. It’s Pilates mixed with boxing. Confused? Don’t be. Piloxing is a fun, results-driven combo of speed, power, agility (nod to boxing), flexibility and luxurious sculpting (hats off to Pilates). You’ll don weighted gloves to tone your arms and amp up your cardio. Give the boys a run for their money.

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Sir Isaac Newton knew a thing or two about gravity, but he didn’t know anything about Gravity classes. It’s the full-body workout that requires you to work against natural forces. This doesn’t mean stress on the knees, lower back or joints, but working with cable pulleys and a glider that’s similar to the Pilates reformer. The outcome? Muscle strength and endurance, and you might even start tackling those pullups.

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Pop Physique

You promised yourself new beginnings in 2013. Start with a new beginning budding out of the backside of your skinnies and thank Pop Physique for that bangin’ booty. Pop Physique is the LA-based studio that’s all about toning the tush, burning the fat, and being smart. How? Through ballet movements, Pilates, and light lifting. You’ll be a sexy thing in no time. And not a West Coast girl? No worries. There’s a DVD for that.

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The Spartacus Workout

You don’t want to be a gladiator, you just want to look like one. The way to make that happen is by spending some time with the Spartacus Workout for Women. This workout is a high-intensity session that combines plyometric movements with isolation exercises. Yes, a tightened tummy, tush, and triceps are on their way. You don’t need much beyond some dumbbells, a mat, an interval timer, and a bench. Oh wait, and the eye of the tiger.

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Aqua Zumba

And you thought aquatic exercise was only for seniors. Think again. The class you love on land takes to the water to give you cardio-packed, full-body, toning exercise. All the regulars of Zumba will still be in tow — the music, the laughter, the stretching — only with some splashing and a bit more of a challenge thanks to the water. Suit up and Zumba, girl.

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Pure Barre

Believe it or not, some ladies still haven’t tried the barre workout that’s sweeping the land. Chances are your city has a Pure Barre location. And once you pull on those yoga pants and that cute tank you just bought, you’ll be ready to get your butt kicked by a workout that marries ballet with isometric movements (and great music), while lifting your butt and burning fat. Maybe you’re a new mommy? Sign up for their New Moms Bounce Back and start relishing your pre-baby body again.

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It’s the thing that all of your friends are talking about. Now it’s your turn to try it. Get hip to the lingo, find your local “box” and start making those clean and jerks, burpees, Olympic lifts, and wall balls happen. Feeling nervous? Don’t be. The workouts are undoubtedly intense. But the joy of Crossfit is the camaraderie, the encouragement, and the mind-boggling results. Gain a new family and some seriously ripped triceps for 2013.

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Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training

So weights just aren’t your thing, but you want to build a bit of strength this year? No problem. Start exploring the benefits of bodyweight training. These workouts require almost no equipment — just you using your own weight as resistance. Spend your time doing old school calisthenics like pushups and crunches. Many local bootcamps are all about bodyweight training. It’s tough, but the results are worth the pain.

Functional Fitness

Maybe your goal is not to win first in a bodybuilding competition, but to have strength that’s appropriate for your day-to-day movements. That’s where Functional Fitness comes into play. This is a workout that teaches your muscles to work together. Bicep curls are a good place to start. Train your muscles in the gym for the things you do at home. Easier said than done, but it delivers a whole lot of happy to your everyday life.

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Posted on February 4, 2013

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